Windy Hill Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy Clinic (WHSSPC) was established in 1994 as a component of the Showers Stand redevelopment at Essendon football ground. The clinic was located at 86 Napier Street, until early August 2007 when it was temporarily relocated to 53 Fletcher Street Essendon. This happened in order to make way for a major redevelopment of the facilities at Windy Hill.

These facilities were completed in late December 2007 at which time we moved back to our new facility in Napier Street. Though our new clinic is only a short distance down Napier Street from the original clinic site, it is a brand new facility with it’s entrance off the fitness centre foyer. Though we enjoy a close relationship with Essendon Football Club, we have not been directly impacted by its relocation. Both Windy Hill Fitness Centre and ourselves are stand alone facilities and will continue operations in our present location after the Football team has relocated.

The clinic and its services have developed since 1994 with the introduction of a range of experienced practitioners with complimentary skills and interests. Consequently, though our clinic has a primary interest in sports physiotherapy and spinal injury management, we also offer a range of other physiotherapy and complementary health services.

Our clinic philosophy revolves around quality one on one time between yourself and your therapist during which we prioritise a high level of explanation and education with a “hands on” treatment¬† emphasis and close exercise supervision. We believe one on one time with you is important, so our consultation bookings are set up to accommodate this.

In addition, we share a very close working relationship with adjacent Windy Hill Fitness Centre. This is particularly valuable in late stage rehabilitation when your exercise program is broadening, and is enhanced by the close proximity which our new facility offers.