Our clinic philosophy revolves around quality one on one time between yourself and your therapist during which we prioritise a high level of explanation and education with a “hands on” treatment  emphasis and close exercise supervision. We believe one on one time with you is important, so our consultation bookings are set up to accommodate this.



At WHSSPC we aim to provide you with the optimal, highest quality physiotherapy management.


Massage Therapy

Our staff are experienced at establishing which type of massage techniques are needed to achieve your aims while working in closely with other components of your ongoing management.


Clinical Pilates

Each patient is individually assessed, set a personalized home program and a personalised studio program which is supervised at all times.



Once your program has been set, you will be closely supervised and monitored initially but you will be encouraged to continue your program at a local pool between sessions and upon discharge.


Continence & Pelvic Floor Rehab

Physiotherapy for continence and pelvic floor rehabilitation involves the management of conditions associated with pelvic floor dysfunction.


Postnatal Pilates

Pelvic floor fitness, deep abdominal strentgh, pelvic stability.



Physiotherapists at Windy Hill Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy have been trained in delivering the GLA:D program.


Pink Pilates

Pink Pilates provides a range of services designed to look after you following cancer surgery and cancer treatments.


Feel in control, informed and empowered when returning to exercise following pregnancy through our progressive post natal Pilates series. Instructor Lauren and Women’s Health Physio Emma from Windy Hill Physiotherapy will teach you how to spot the signs of going too hard too soon. Along the way, you’ll move through breathing techniques, supportive abdominal activation, a healthy and functional pelvic floor, along with a whole lot more as you regain strength, stability and support in these early post natal days. Bring your bubba along while you exercise in a supportive and relaxed environment with other new mums.
Call our friendly reception team on 9375 4000 for further details and to book your spot


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