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Massage Therapy

Massage or soft tissue therapy is a manual therapy which involves ‘hands on’ assessment and management of soft tissues. This type of massage therapy can vary from gentle relaxation and circulation stimulation techniques up to firmer, deeper massage release work often required by the athlete.

    Key aims of massage:
  • General muscle tone management (ease muscular tension)
  • Promote specific and general blood flow
  • Assist with fluid drainage
  • Specific scar management
    These assist with:
  • General relaxation
  • General and specific recovery
  • Regaining, maintaining or improving flexibility
  • Reducing swelling
  • Promoting injury healing
  • Adverse muscle tension related postural or biomechanical problems
    Massage can be beneficial to a diverse range of people:
  • Athletes needing assistance with preparation and recovery from training and competition
  • People recovering from injury
  • People experiencing high work or lifestyle stresses
  • People seeking general body maintenance
  • The elderly

At WHSSPC our myotherapy/massage staff are experienced at establishing which type of massage techniques are needed to achieve your aims while working in closely with other components of your ongoing management. Their massage work frequently complements your physiotherapy management or the work you are doing in our Pilates program. Due to this, our massage staff have communication with other members of your management team to ensure your wellbeing is a priority.