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    Due to the unique properties of water, this is different from dry land exercise in several ways:
  • Depending on the water depth, the compressive effects of gravity are reduced or removed.
  • Buoyancy can assist with movement.
  • Water resistance - Depending on movement speed and surface area presented to the water, it can assist or resist the movement as required. This is a unique affect which cannot be replicated out of the water.
  • Compression - Water provides a gentle, overall compression affect. This will vary according to water depth.
  • Heat - Hydrotherapy pools vary in temperature but generally they are warmer than normal swimming pools.

What can you expect?

Prior to commencing treatment your suitability for hydrotherapy will be assessed in the rooms at WHSSPC.

Note: swimming ability is not necessary

Your therapist will be in the water with you for the duration of the session and will ensure your comfort and safety on entering and leaving the pool. Sessions and exercise programs will vary according to your needs. You will usually be in the water for at least 30mins on your first visit. As you progress, session times increase to 45mins maximum. Once your program has been set, you will be closely supervised and monitored initially but you will be encouraged to continue your program at a local pool between sessions and upon discharge.

Practical information

You will need to bring your own bathers, towel and toiletries You are advised to bring your own drink to replenish the fluid you lose when in the pool We recommend that you do not rush away after treatment, but take a rest and avoid strenuous activity for the remainder of the day.